Adding an Exchange Account

BlueMail supports both Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) and Exchange Web Services (EWS).

If your provider supports Exchange ActiveSync, we highly recommend you add your account under this protocol, since our ActiveSync users benefit from enhanced Calendar and Contact sync.

To add an exchange account: Tap More... | Various Account Settings | Add Account | Add Other Account | Exchange

  • Enter your Email Address - Your Exchange email address is usually in the format of
  • Enter your password - This is the same password you use for your Exchange account on your PC/Mac.
  • To add your account as ActiveSync please leave the "Prefer ActiveSync" box checked. If it is unchecked, it will be added as EWS.
  • Tap Next, and wait a few seconds for your account to be setup.

Note: If you already have an account installed and would like to see the current protocol that is being used, tap More... | Various Account Settings | Choose Account | Edit Account | Protocol

If your account was previously added as EWS and you would like to switch it to EAS (if supported by your provider), please remove it by tapping More... | Various Account Settings | Select the account you would like to remove | Edit Account | Remove Account, then add the account as EAS with the instructions above.

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