Displaying an Unread Badge on Android Oreo (8.0) or on Device's that Don't Natively Support Badge

The ability to present a badge/dot on the app icon is a property of the "launcher" of your device and is dependent on both your Android version and your Device's Rom.

To enable an unread badge for devices whose native launcher is not yet supported by BlueMail, you can try one of the following options:

  1. For any device, BlueMail offers a Widget feature that allows you to see the number of unread emails you have through a 1×1 Unread Count Widget or a 3×3 scrollable widget.
  2. You may install a launcher that supports an unread count such as Nova + TeslaUnread or Apex. BlueMail supports both. Please note, these apps tend to require a premium version to offer the Unread count feature.
  3. If you have multiple launchers installed, please switch to the native one provided with your phone.

Badge/Dot behavior on Android Oreo (8.0)

If you are on Android Oreo (Version 8.0 and above), the badge/dot behaves a bit differently then on previous OS's:

  1. On Oreo, many devices only display a "Dot" (indicating unread emails) but do not display a numbered unread badge.
  2. On Oreo, the badge/dot of an app is cleared when the Notifications for the app are dismissed from the device’s "Notification menu".

As an alternative solution to the native Oreo behavior, BlueMail offers two types of Widgets that display the number of unread emails you have in your account(s); A 1×1 Unread Count Widget and 3x3 scrollable Widget, and they can be configured for any one of your accounts (or multiple ones).

To add a Widget, depending on your device and operating system, you usually need to tap the Apps button on your device OR  long tap on empty space on your homescreen, and then go to the "widgets" tab. 

Scroll to find "BlueMail" in the Widgets menu and drag BlueMail's 1x1 (or 3x3) Widget onto your homescreen.

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