How do I Enable the Lock Screen?

In the event that your device is not in your immediate control, BlueMail has created the Lock Screen using both a PIN and fingerprint passcode to better safeguard your private emails.


Passcode Security

To enable this feature, tap More... | Global Settings | Lock Screen (Passcode) | Turn passcode on

From this menu, you can change your passcode, turn the passcode off, or set the Lock screen timeout.

The timeout feature is the amount of time before you are prompted to enter your passcode again if you have just recently closed BlueMail. Please note, that opening BlueMail for the first time will require your passcode immediately.

Fingerprint Security

For devices that support the use of fingerprint security, BlueMail enables you to use your fingerprint to keep your emails secure.

To enable the Fingerprint Security, first please set a passcode for BlueMail.

Please Note: In order to use this feature, your device must both support fingerprint identification and already have it enabled in the device settings menu.

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