Getting Stuff Done

How Can BlueMail Help Me Get Stuff Done?

Getting Stuff Done is a method of organization that helps to make achieving tasks much more easy. Your inbox is organized by the time an email was received, and while this is important, does not necessarily indicate which emails require more urgency than others. With BlueMail's Getting Stuff Done feature, this becomes much more simple with the addition of the Task List and Reminders.

What is Snooze? How to Snooze+ an Email?


Sometimes you are in a context when handling the mail is not effective, possible or reasonable. You may need to wait to a certain time, be in a certain place, or have certain resources or pre-requisites. For those emails you can defer the handling. BlueMail has ready made time frames set for you: later today, end of day, next day / week/ month, or someday in the future. You can also pick a specific date/time, which is useful when you know exactly when would be the most suitable time to handle this mail.

When you Snooze+ an email it will be added to Tasks

You can add an email to tasks / Snooze an email using these methods:

Note: that if you use the Incoming Filter you won’t see emails marked as Snooze+.

What are Tasks?

Tasks view shows all the Snoozed mails. This view allows you to distinguish all the emails you need to handle ordered from the most urgent ones. You can also see mails whose designated time has elapsed. This allows you to prioritize your time based on urgency as well as importance.

When each such task reaches it’s designated time, you get a push notification, also called snooze, as a reminder.

What are Snooze Notifications or Reminders?

Once you have snoozed some mails, they appear as tasks with due time, sorted by urgency. When each such “task” reaches it’s designated time, you get a push notifications, also called snooze, as a reminder, to let you know that this was the right time for you to handle this mail, and make sure you get what you need, in the time that you asked for it.

What is Done? How to Mark an Email as Done?


Mark as Done moves the mail to the “Done” tab and marks it like that. It means there is nothing more to do with this mail, but it is still valuable for you to keep.

Using More... | Global SettingsAuto Mark as Done setting, you can cause replied messages to be automatically marked as Done. By default this setting is Off.

You can mark an email as Done with those methods:

Note: That if you use the Incoming Filter you won’t see emails marked as done.

An Email is Marked as Done by mistake. How can I Return it to my Inbox?

With BlueMail you can “reopen” mail marked Done, to be Undone and back into inbox. Simply tap on Inbox | choose Done filter | Swipe the email to the right | Undone and the email will move back to the inbox folder.

What is the Default to Assign an Email for This Evening? Tomorrow Morning? Later Today?

  • Later Today is set to three hours ahead
  • This Evening is set to 07:00 PM of today
  • Tomorrow Morning is set to 09:00 AM the next day
  • Next Week is set to a week ahead
  • In a Month is set to a month ahead
  • Some Day adds the email to the task list without a certain due date
  • Pick Date allows you to choose the date and time

Note: Before 09:00 AM the option for Tomorrow morning will be This Morning, meaning it will be set to 9:00 today.

You can change the default setting for Later Today using More... | Global Settings | Later Today Default.

What are the Filters on the Top Bar Menu?

Filters allow you to quickly find messages important to you from your contacts, services, and even messages that you haven’t read.

  • All – Displays all emails in the Inbox inc. Done, Snooze etc.
  • Unread – Displays unread emails, so you never miss out on any email sent.
  • Starred – Displays all your starred, flagged, important emails.
  • Incoming – Similar to the ‘All’ filter, without the Snoozed and Done emails, so they don’t get mixed in with the rest of your emails.


Learn how to change the default filter.

What is the Difference between Snooze+ Filter and Tasks View?

Snooze filter and Tasks view shows all the Snoozed mails. While Snooze filter works like traditional filter on a mailbox, Tasks show a dedicated urgency view, with the most pressing emails on top, to let you focus on what matters.

Where will Snoozed/Done Emails be in Other Mail Clients/Web/PC?

Snooze+ and Done are internal features of BlueMail. We are not moving those emails elsewhere in your folders.

Sounds Great! How can you Help me Reach a Zero Inbox?

With Getting Stuff Done, achieving a Zero Inbox is easy. It starts when you receive an email. You can either delete it, forward it to someone, or take action. If you are unable to act on the email quickly, simply schedule it for later. BlueMail will send you a notification when it is time to take care of the task. Have a little extra time and want to take care of the email earlier? Visit your Task List and cross it off. In no time, you will have a Zero Inbox!

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