How Do I Manage Spam? How do I Block a Sender or Block a Domain?

Spam emails come in all forms, from unwanted newsletters to claims of a long lost fortune from a very distant relative.

Normally, your provider uses very specialized software and techniques to prevent these emails from ever appearing. However, some emails may still get through to your inbox.

Does BlueMail Support Spam Management?

BlueMail offers a Spam Management tool to supplement your provider’s existing spam filter by providing an option to Block emails that your provider’s “spam filter” did not catch. These Blocked emails will be added to your Block List (spam list) and future emails from this Sender, Domain, or Suffix (as per your choice) will go directly to the Spam folder bypassing your inbox. Note: The Block List for BlueMail is personal and local only for you while using BlueMail

How to Block a Sender?

There are two ways to Block a Sender:

  • You can open the email and tap the 3-dot menuBlock Sender:
  • You can use BlueMail's Swipe Menu which can be easily configured with a shortcut to "Block Sender".

After you've selected Block Sender, you can choose one of the following:

  • Block Sender – Any mail that was received from this specific email address will automatically move to the Spam folder.
  • Block whole domain – Any mail that was received from this domain will automatically be moved to the Spam folder.
  • Block Entire Suffix – Any mail that was received from this Suffix will automatically be moved to the Spam folder.

For example, with the address: ""

  • The Sender is ""
  • The Domain is ""
  • The Suffix is ""

When Blocking using one of the above criteria, only the specific email you Block will be currently moved to Spam. From now on, all future emails from that sender's address or domain will now arrive in your Spam folder.

Please note: Other emails currently in the Inbox with this address, domain, or suffix will now display a Red Spam Indicator on the avatar.

BlueMail Spam

How to Unblock a Sender?

To Unblock a sender, go to the Spam | Open the email | Tap the 3-dot-menu | Unblock Sender | confirm with OK.

If your provider identified the email as spam, it will not have a Red Spam Indicator on it and will move the email to the Spam folder automatically. BlueMail will not be able to change this.

The Red Spam Indicator appears for emails Blocked using BlueMail's Spam Manager. The Red Spam Indicator will not appear on Emails that your provider has filtered as spam.

BlueMail Spam

How do I Remove a Sender, Domain, or Suffix from The Block List?

Email Addresses, Domains, and Suffixes that were previously Blocked on BlueMail are displayed in the Block List.

To edit the Block List in BlueMail, please tap More... | Various Account Settings | select the account | Block List | select either Address, Domainor Suffix | tap the red X

BlueMail Spam Addresses

By tapping the red (X), you remove that Address, Domain, or Suffix and continue to receive emails from those addresses.

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