Select Which Folders to Sync for Exchange/ActiveSync Account

How Do I Select Which Folders to Sync for My Exchange/ActiveSync Account?

Some Exchange users may have the ability to choose which folders they would like to have synced. For users with large mailboxes, this can help you to choose which folders you would prefer to have synced in BlueMail and which ones you may not.

Folder Management

To select which folders you would like to sync while you are using an Exchange/ActiveSync account simply tap More... | Various Account Settings | Select The Desired AccountFolder Management

Choose Folder

Finally, tap Folder Sync and select the folders you wish to sync.

Please note: If you have Sub-Folders contained inside the folder you select to sync, you will need to select each Sub-Folder individually so that they will be synced as well. Only the emails in the selected folders will be synced.

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