What are Services Clusters and how to use them?

BlueMail organizes similar emails together to remove a lot of clutter from your inbox, without hiding any emails. It categorizes emails from known services into smart clusters, and organizes your emails into a sub-folder structure automatically, without the hassle to manage it manually.

Any email that comes into a service cluster acts as a reminder for the previous emails you might have missed, so as soon as a new email is received from that service, the service cluster pops up to the top of your inbox.

Tapping a service cluster will open service view, and you will see all messages received from that service.

To open the newest email in a service cluster, tap on '»'

You can customize your notification settings per service cluster by going to More... | Notifications | Cluster Notifications | Tap on a cluster.

There are multiple actions to use on service clusters:

  • Mute Notifications
  • Mark all as read
  • Delete All

You can disable service clusters by going to More... | Global Settings | Conversations/Clusters | disable Enable Clusters.

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