What are the Notifications Methods?

Notifications use the notification bar, and show a short preview of the email.

BlueMail allows you to control the notifications method per account using More... | Notifications | scroll to the accountInstant Push Settings | Push or Fetch | choose from four main options:

  • Push - get instant notifications
  • Push (No Preview) - get instant notifications without a preview
  • No Push - disable push notifications, but still see emails being updated when opening the app
  • Fetch - get periodic notifications based on an interval set in Fetch Interval setting
  • Manual - do an on-demand refresh sync only without notifications

If you choose Fetch method you can select the Fetch Interval - and choose how often you wish to check for new emails.

Please note that currently, only emails arriving in the Inbox will trigger a notification. Notifications for folders other than the Inbox is on our roadmap and may be released in the future.

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