What happens to my Avatars if Cluster mode is enabled?

With Cluster Mode enabled, Avatars come to life by giving you an intuitive way of navigating every email from that sender. There is no need to search for a single sender anymore.

There are three types of Clusters People, Group, and Services.

People: Tapping on this Avatar will show you every message from that specific person, in one convenient screen.

People Avatar

Groups: Keep conversations on topic by organizing emails into subjects. Displayed are subjects create by you or the group and inside the subject will show relatable conversations.

GP Screens

Services: Services are for all of those newsletters, coupons, or updates that, while important, can quickly leave your inbox looking like a mess. - P.S. This makes deleting a bunch of spam a breeze.


To learn more about Cluster mode, please check out - What are clusters?

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