Do you Support a Widget? What is the Widget Capable of?

BlueMail supports two types of widgets; a 1x1 basic widget and a 3x3 scrollable widget. Our Widgets are resizable and can be configured for any one of your accounts (or multiple ones).

The 1x1 Unread Count widget is a launching pad for a specific mail account, or your Unified Inbox, and a badge showing approximately how many emails are unread in that account.

You can add multiple 1x1 unread Widgets for each desired account.

Our more advanced 3x3 scrollable widget, is offered in White and Transparent color schemes. It gives you a quick view of your Mail List View and you can even compose emails from the shortcut.

To configure our Widgets, depending on your device and operating system, you usually need to press the Apps button on your device (often looks like a grid of squares) and shift to the "widgets" tab. Then search for BlueMail, select one of the widgets, and drag it onto your homescreen.

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